2013 IW – Novo Infigo – New Imprint

2012 IW – It’s Alive!
2012 IA – What’s Done is Done
IMG_3039a guard 2012
2011 IW – Big Sky
2011 IO – Cello Parts

2010 IW – Searching for Home
2010 IA – The Evolution of Lines to Spaces

2009 I0 – These are the days
2009 IA – A Journey to Atlantis

2008 I0 – Landslide
2008 IA – Birds of A Feather
2008 marked the tenth year anniversary of the organization. Still with two active units, ARS NOVA saw many successes throughout the year, ending in making finals at WGI for both groups. The A guard, dressed in red and with feathers brought to life “birds of ‘A’ feather” making audiences all over fall in love with the chirping of birds. The story took you through love birds, angry birds and ended with birds on a wire. The Open guard performed a show entitled “Landslide” set to the music of Christene LeDoux. Every member spun every piece of equipment on a beautifully designed template. Both attended all of the WGI Regionals in Texas and multiple NTCA contests. The A guard landed in 7th place overall, and the Open guard landed in 11th place at WGI World Championships

2007 IO – In the Sublime
2007 IA – In the Key of A
2007 saw a monumental change in the outline of the ARS NOVA family. The guard who was now involved in the Independent Open class opted to create an addition to the organization – another Independent A guard! Audiences quickly fell in love with the design of the Open’s show “In the Sublime” based on the movement and theory of Yoga, an ancient meditation development, and the dazzling aspiration of the A guard’s production of “In the Key of A” as the guard became piano people, including becoming the keys of a piano.
Both guards saw major successes throughout the year, attending all of the WGI Regionals held in Texas including Austin, Houston and Dallas as well as numerous NTCA competitions. ARS NOVA continued to take strides in the color guard world. ARS NOVA A placed 10th overall at Finals for WGI World Championships, a rarity for such a brand new group

2006 IA/IO It’s About Time
2006 was a year of surprises. Our show entitled “It’s About Time” was a whirl-wind of emotion and theatrics. Staff included Matt Garrett, Junior Marquez, Chris Kichline, Cassandra Carline, Alex Cruz, and Jeremy Waugh. We again attended the Houston Regional and were awarded first place. We also attended the Southwest Power Regional in Dallas earning first place and were put under review by the WGI board. The board decided to promote ARS NOVA to Independent Open class just two weeks prior to WGI World Championships.
Not only did the group score the highest yet in ARS NOVA history and make finals, but we ended the season as the 4th place Independent Open Winterguard.

2005 IA Symphony for a New Era
2005 was another record breaking season as ARS NOVA attended the WGI Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio Power Regionals making Finals at all three. The show explored three movements, all string versions of Coldplay’s “Clocks”, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Soul to Squeeze” and Metallica’s “Master of Puppets”.
At World Championships in Dayton we improved further placing 7th marking 2005 as the first year Ars Nova performed in the Dayton Arena! The show “Symphony for a New Era” was mentioned by “Field and Floor” as one of the top 32 guards of the season

2004 IA Caravans
In 2004, ARS NOVA featured eighteen very talented members performing the show entitled “CaravanS” set to the Maynard Ferguson rendition of the jazz classic “Caravan”. The staff included the talents of Matt Garrett, Terrance Jordan, Junior Marquez, and Aaron Duke.
This year proved to again set new records for ARS NOVA once again making Finals at both the Houston and Dallas regionals, were named the 2004 Houston Regional champion, and once again won the NTCA Championship! This year we achieved not only our biggest goal, but a dream set forth for many years ago, in not only earning a Semi-Finalist at WGI World Championships, but advancing to Finals for the first time!
The guard was also honored by the “Field and Floor” organization as they named ARS NOVA as one of their “Top 32 Color Guards” of 2005! This is an exceptional honor as we were one of only 3 representatives of our class named on the list.

2003 IA Concerto de Aranjuez
For the 2003 season, the guard explored the classical music of Rodrigo’s “Concerto de Aranjuez”. The show was the best yet as we added the talents of Michael Hernandez, Larry Horton, Frank Jackson, Terrance Jordan, and Joey Vielma to the instructional team.
The guard competed in the WGI Regionals in Dallas and Tulsa, making Finals at Tulsa. The guard really gained momentum towards the last half of the season and ended up placing 2nd at NTCA Championships! Again ARS NOVA traveled to Dayton, OH, for WGI World Championships and did exceptionally well earning a national semifinalist position! We ended up placing 16th out of 60 units, and only missed making finals by one place and .5!

2002 The Storm
2002 saw the return of ARS NOVA bigger and better than ever! Matt Garrett assumed the role of both director and designer putting on “The Storm” featuring music from Water World. The show featured twenty two performers and was set to portray the emotions and fear that a major storm can excite.
The guard returned to the WGI Regionals in Houston and Tulsa, again achieving Finalist status at both. The season was capped off by the unit winning the gold medal at NTCA Championships and again traveling to Dayton, OH, for WGI World Championships. This year we missed making semi-finals by one place and posted the highest score yet for ARS NOVA

2001 Inactive Year
The guard was inactive during the 2001 season as director Matt Garrett moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

2000 O
In 2000, the guard came under the direction of captain Matt Garrett and continued to be designed for and guided by Si’aon Sims. This season brought the guard to a new level of performance with our production “O” utilizing music from “Cirque du Soleil”. Again the guard competed in the WGI Regionals in Houston and Tulsa, again making Finals at both.
This year marked the first time that the entire guard performed on rifle, which would later become a trademark for ARS NOVA. The 2000 season saw the guard meet with great success winning the silver medal at NTCA Championships and capitalizing at WGI World Championships again in Dayton, OH. At World Championships the guard scored higher than ever, missing semi-finals by only 3 places!

1999 Kids Can Be…
The 1999 season began with the addition of designer Si’aon Sims. Sims brought a new vision to ARS NOVA with his incredible talent and motivation. Again under the discretion of Sarah Melot, the guard performed in several NTCA contests as well as the WGI Regionals in Houston and Tulsa, achieving Finals at both.
The show was entitled “Kids Can Be…” and was set to the music “Bulgarian Cowboy” by Paul Haley. The production explored the emotions of children including happiness, love and fun. There were seven members. ARS NOVA won NTCA Championships. This year also marked the first year that ARS NOVA competed at the WGI World Championships held in Dayton, Ohio.

1998 When Doves Cry
Ars Nova was founded in a basement in Waco, TX by Sarah Melot and long time friend Carolyn Parks who, unfortunately, was never able to perform with the group.
“ARS NOVA” is a French term that comes from a period in music history preceding the classical era and literally means “new art.”
During the first year of existence, ARS NOVA was comprised of eight members under the direction of founder, designer and captain Sarah Melot. The show was set to the music of “When Doves Cry” from the soundtrack to Romeo and Juliet. The guard competed in 3 NTCA competitions, finishing in 3rd place at Championships.